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Base oil that’s been around

We are a Finnish owned high environment technology company operated in Finland.

We can regenerate used lubricant oil back to base oil infinite number of times. So the lubricant you are using now will be going around long in to the future. This means significantly less CO₂ emissions and no need for virgin crude oil.

Tecoil is built on appreciation

Our world is valuable for us, as is our raw material, the used lubricant oil. With the same appreciation we interact with our clients, partners, employees and the environment.

Our culture is based on this appreciation and we lead our operation with clear-cut business targets and numbers that prove the sustainability and the profitability of our business model.

4 way operation

Our production model is low in emissions, energy consumption and operating costs but high in efficiency and product quality. We have made it our mission to make limited resources last infinitely.

Collection service makes lubricant recycling easy.

Order collection for your used lubricant oil from our toll-free number 0800 07800 or by mail [email protected].

We collect all over 800 litre batches of used lubricant oil that is good for regeneration from anywhere in Finland and without charge. If you have questions about collecting and storing used lubricant oils, be in touch, we are glad to give you detailed information.

Straight-forward service is key in our vision of transforming lubricant oil to an infinitely renewable high quality product. We collect used lubricants from our clients and make sure they will be regenerated.

Regeneration happens with green hydrogen.

We are commited to using best available technology (BAT). Our plant uses green hydrogen produced in our own facility. We aim to be carbon neutral in 2025.

High quality product with low emissions.

Climate change prevention and technological development demand tighter quality standards for our products. We produce API Group II/III base oil in a sustainable and profitable way.

Influencing for a concrete change.

Our aim is to make lubricant oil regeneration self evident for all. We work hard to get this message through to the national policymakers, industry leaders and consumers all over the world.

Want to read our official operation policy? Read more.

“Regenerate, reuse & repeat ad infinitum.

Massive reduction in CO₂ emissions