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Superior quality products

Our vision is to transform lubricant oil into an infinitely renewable high quality product.

We produce only the highest quality API Group II/II+/III base oils in a sustainable and profitable way. With our technology and expertise, used lubricant oils can be regenerated and reused unlimited number of times.

AppearanceASTM D 4176-1B&CB&CB&CB&CB&C
ColourASTM D 1500L0,5L0,5L0,5L0,5L0,5
Density 15°C, kg/lASTM D 40520,8400,8430,8440,8450,850
Viscosity 40°C, cStASTM D 4453,513,520,528,539,0
Viscosity 100°C, cStASTM D 4453,234,255,306,55
VIASTM D 2270104112122121
Noack, wt %ASTM D 5800<18<10<7
Sulphur, ppmASTM D 26221050655085
Pour point, °CASTM D 5950-12-12-12-12-9
Flash point, °CASTM D 93 112192210220233